About Legacy Stone

Legacy Stone exists to help our world return to a biblical definition of family:
family was meant to be multi-generational


Vision & Mission

At Legacy Stone, we are driven by a powerful vision: helping families thrive for generations.

Our mission is to equip families with a comprehensive plan for success that spans beyond immediate achievements. We understand the importance of building a solid foundation that will enable your family to navigate the complexities of life and leave a lasting impact. With our expert guidance, we empower families to establish a strategic roadmap that encompasses their unique aspirations, values, and goals. By harnessing the collective power of your family's potential, we pave the path to multi-generational flourishing, in turn changing the world.

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Our Values

  • Biblically-based – everything we do is based on the foundation of biblical truth.

  • Inspirational – our aim is to encourage families to live out God’s vision for their family.

  • Practical – not just theory, but practical doing!

  • Journey – we are fellow travelers on the journey with you.

  • Joy – living with joy in all we do.

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Our Four Pillars


Everyone wants to have a great family. But sometimes the busyness of life keeps us from living intentionally.  Some of us live confidently even if we are flying by the seat of our pants. We just want to stop the merry-go-round for a few minutes! Sometimes the ongoing conflict and bickering make it seem like there’s never any peace.  Or sometimes past conflicts create difficult walls to overcome. At Legacy Stone, we understand these issues.  We’ve got real life experience working with generational families for generational success. We take that practical experience and translate it to every day family life. We know how to craft practical plans and clear pathways for generational success.
Psalm 78 5-7 gives just but one snapshot of the generational mindset.  We believe when we live out the generational mindset that it is the first and greatest way to impact the world.

Our first pillar is Family


Our focus on leadership empowers you to embrace your potential and become an exceptional leader within your family and beyond. We provide guidance to develop a clear vision, inspire others, and make informed decisions, enabling you to create a culture of growth, innovation, and strong leadership that carries on for generations.


Our second pillar is Leadership


Biblically-based – everything we do is based on the foundation of biblical truth.

Inspirational – our aim is to encourage families to live out God’s vision for their family.

Practical – not just theory, but practical doing!

Journey – we are fellow travelers on the journey with you.

Joy – living with joy in all we do.


Our third pillar is Teams


Collaboration and teamwork are central to our approach, as we believe in fostering effective teamwork within your family. By valuing each member's unique strengths and aligning individual contributions toward shared goals, we help cultivate a culture of collaboration, effective communication, and mutual respect, enabling your family to overcome challenges and achieve greater success together.


Our capstone pillar is You

At Legacy Stone, we believe that you—the driving force behind your family's enduring legacy—are crucial to our work. We prioritize your personal growth, development, and well-being, tailoring our approach to empower you to discover your purpose, dig deep, unlock your potential, and lead a fulfilling life that inspires your family and future generations. Together, we'll ensure that you thrive as you shape your family's generational success.


Meet Our Team


Brandon Schaefer

Chief Resource Officer

Brandon is a seasoned coach with a wealth of expertise garnered from his association with Five Capitals, coupled with a profound understanding of the intricacies of family legacy dynamics. His multifaceted background, spanning International Business, Agricultural Business, and Strategic Marketing, uniquely positions him to guide families towards cohesive, purpose-driven lives. As a fervent advocate for leadership development, Brandon adeptly merges his vast professional insights with a heartfelt commitment to core family values. This harmonious fusion of knowledge and passion underscores his indispensable role in legacy planning at the esteemed Legacy Stone.

Bill High

Bill High

Chief Family Officer

Bill is synonymous with three core values: Family, Legacy, and Generosity. He's facilitated workshops nationwide, focusing on the essence of family legacy and redefining its biblical meaning. Initially practicing law at a prominent Kansas City firm, Bill later founded one of the U.S.'s largest Christian foundations. He then pivoted to specialize in family legacy consulting. An accomplished author, one of his notable works is "Leadership NOT by the Book," co-written with David Green. At 7 Generation Legacy, Bill is renowned for assisting families in crafting enduring multi-generational legacy plans.

Tom Blaylock Director of Training at Legacy Stone

Tom Blaylock

Director of Training

Tom, with 12 years of pastoral experience and over 20 years in coaching, serves as the Director of Training. He specializes in identifying and nurturing leadership qualities, particularly in those unaware of their potential. In 2020, Tom introduced the GAP Coaching System and co-authored Marriage on Mission with his wife, Sandi, in 2016. His leadership philosophy emphasizes self-awareness, strong family relationships, and generational impact. An ICF-certified coach and MBTI Certified Practitioner, Tom enjoys writing, tennis, beach walks, and his 2004 Mini-Cooper. He and Sandi have three children and reside in South Carolina.


Jo Rapps

Chief of Staff

Jo is the Chief of Staff for three businesses in Pawleys Island, SC. Passionate about people development and quality service, she oversees all facets, blending her non-profit and corporate expertise. Jo emphasizes both top-tier leadership and genuine team care. Always up for challenges, she's committed to growth, new opportunities, and maintains a light-hearted approach. Originally from England but now a U.S. resident, Jo and her husband Kevin cherish their two grown daughters, adore their dogs, and relish their RV adventures, meeting new faces daily.


Beccy Zastrow

Events Manager

Beccy is an accomplished events manager and executive assistant with over 15 years of expertise. Her keen eye for detail ensures she delivers transformative experiences that resonate with attendees. Originating from a family of innovative entrepreneurs in England, Beccy is driven to transform ambitious ideas into tangible outcomes. Her journeys across five continents have broadened her cultural insights, making her adept at serving diverse groups. As a dedicated mother of two and wife to Jason, she cherishes her life in Dayton, OH.

What Our Clients Are Saying

What a great opportunity to work on this together as a couple and thinking about how we can pass on our values for thousands of years is very exciting!
Gary Family
Gary Family
So glad to have talked about our common vision and mission. The family legacy workshop was incredibly enlightening. We learned about the biblical meaning of family and how to implement our vision for generations to come. Highly recommend this workshop!
Foy Family
Foy Family
It's been great taking the time as a couple together to craft a vision and mission. We are so excited to go back home and implement what we've learned today at the family legacy workshop.
Spencer Family
Spencer Family
The family legacy workshop was absolutely life-changing! We don't really think about what's next and how our current values will go all the way down to even seven generations. This workshop helped us figure out how to ensure our legacy gets passed on. God is THE generational guide!
Martinez Family
Martinez Family
We weren't sure what to expect but were enlightened on the significance and importance of vision. Of not just the short term but several years in the future on how to leave our legacy behind through our vision and mission in our family. We encourage you to try the family legacy workshop!
Scholl Family
Scholl Family

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